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iPlus, on-site or as a fully-managed service, from Integrated Publishing Solutions: Factsheet, KIIDs and all your product documents produced alongside digital content, all delivered to the highest quality of brand presentation.

Maximise the value of market ready information

iPlus controls the transformation of data into information, resulting in a Golden Copy of your product information and market ready performance data. Refreshed and ready on each reporting cycle to provide a coherent, consistent and controlled source to be used and repurposed as required.

Lower your operating costs

Improve control over your publishing and data processes and gain greater functionality from your data, lower operating costs, increase levels of transparency and compliance and deliver fast and reliable information to your customers.

Produce high quality output

iPlus output is accurate and reliable, aware of jurisdiction and audience no matter how or where the information is used. And it is all beautifully rendered in design studio quality according to your brand style guidelines.

Tried, Trusted, Future-Proof

Integrated Publishing Solutions is a pioneer in the world of database multimedia publishing. Our aim is simple; to help clients transform their data into informative and engaging communications in the most efficient way possible. Since our inception in 1996, Integrated Publishing Solutions has provided innovative solutions to a wide range of market leading companies throughout Europe and America.

iPlus is available as a ready-to-go, fully-managed bureau service, or as an on-site software solution. Whatever your requirements or size, IPS can solve your fund factsheet and KIID production issues, with content served simultaneously to your fund centre, or third-party apps.

iPlus, the core of the integrated solution, manages the creation of active content and the definition of business rules and contextualisation within a common data model. iPlus is integrated with three supporting products:

Library, both a mobile application to support your sales teams with marketing support documents and a centralised distribution engine to automate the compliant delivery of those documents wherever they are needed. Documents created outside of iPlus can be readily loaded into Library.

Readi, both an active content repository and a centralised distribution engine to automate the compliant delivery of your active content to wherever it is needed.

Forte, a portal into your content repository. Delivering your web and mobile fund centre and an interactive intranet tool to model your product information.

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When we met them they came across as very convincing that they could do the job. I looked them in the eye and I trusted them to deliver - which they did. They are very professional and I can't recommend them highly enough.

Mark Smith, Managing Director - Investment Information Service, BNY Mellon Investment Management EMEA

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