Fund factsheet automation

Automated production of your marketing documents - fund factsheet, fund prospectuses, fund summaries, quarterly investment reports or any structured documents.

Let us take care of your factsheet production and distribution, with our tried and tested, full bureau service - used and trusted by Top Ten Global Investment Managers.

High Quality Output.

Highest quality output, without the wait - including justified text, font kerning, ligatures - produced by an industry-leading publishing engine. Vector-based charting and images.

Customisable charts and output.

Highly customisable built-in chart types, with a full library of bespoke charts. Any design of complex chart, table or text layout can be produced as required by our dedicated team. Examples include: risk-reward profiles, charts (performance, allocation, comparison, distribution, scatter), ratings, fund manager profiles, performance summary tables.

Translation and localisation support.

Translation integration with full localisation of dates and numbers, in all text, tables and charts. Our preferred translation partner specialises in financial services.

Simple management of complex rules.

Our service makes it easier to manage differences in compliance across jurisdictions without duplication, allowing for concise, targeted disclosures.

MIFID2 rules were implemented for our clients within 2 weeks, across their full set of 1000+ documents.

Tried, tested, and trusted: Our factsheet services are used in production by top 10 asset managers.







ISO 27001


Fast publishing times.

Production of 1000s of documents managed every month. PDFs republished in seconds following data updates.

Management framework for volume automation.

View the current status of the production cycle via our simple cloud-based portal and drill down to view more detailed information. View, approve, download and distribute your completed documents in bulk, with each output individually tracked - or let us take care of the distribution.

Change control via our ticketing system.

Submit any design or data changes via our simple online portal and our team will do the rest. Our publishing and approval workflows make it easy to coordinate sign-off of your updated factsheets and other documents, with full audit history and change control.

Rapid onboarding.

Our streamlined onboarding process allows us to provide you with your first draft to approve within just 4-6 weeks depending on the project size and document complexity.

Based on the proven iPlus platform.

Our iPlus solution has been developed and refined over the course of longstanding relationships with top asset managers and asset servicing companies. We have a proven track record of reliability, flexibility and high quality output. Our partnership has resulted in the evolution of a comprehensive feature set capable of automating the myriad rules and regulations required by a large client in the financial sector.

Our bureau service model:

Integrated Publishing Solutions:

  • Production setup and manage change requests
  • Manage translation process
  • Upload data
  • Run publish and QA process
  • Rectify issues
  • Distribute to supported endpoints


  • Confirm production schedule (including languages, jurisdictions etc.)
  • Supply core data, text and raise change requests
  • Provide monthly data
  • Review and Approve (to agreed level)
  • Distribute to client owned endpoints

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When we met them they came across as very convincing that they could do the job. I looked them in the eye and I trusted them to deliver - which they did. They are very professional and I can't recommend them highly enough.

Mark Smith, Managing Director - Investment Information Service, BNY Mellon Investment Management EMEA

Users of iPlus past and present