The Digital Transformation of Asset Management: Challenges and Solutions

The asset management industry has entered a period of unprecedented change. Asset management organisations are facing severe challenges on several fronts, with relentless pressure on revenues and costs continuing to be directed towards a never-ending stream of new regulations.

At the same time, the expectations of investors are changing. They want more detail about their investments delivered more often, more explanation of how value is being provided, and a more customised service overall.

Asset management organisations are having to up their game when it comes to delivering the customer experience at a time when their profits are being eroded.

All of this is happening in parallel with a transformation in the nature of B2B and B2C interactions across all industries. The universal adoption of digital channels is changing everyone's expectations and behaviours around the provision of all kinds of information and the nature of all types of business relationships.

To respond to these drivers for change, asset management organisations need to deliver a new customer experience, one that embraces digital channels for client communications but does so alongside, rather than instead of, traditional communication channels.

In some quarters a mild panic is developing as organisations identify the need to do something digital without really knowing how to best leverage the underlying technology while remaining fully committed to the traditional distribution methods that will continue to be important for many investors for many years. In their 'dash to digital' asset management organisations are running the risk of creating fragmented operating models and system platforms that will increase the pressures on their operating costs.

In this whitepaper we:

1. Describe how the distribution channels used by asset management organisations to market their products are changing, and the challenges this presents.
2. Present a logical solution architecture for investor and market communications. A solution architecture that can not only meet the challenges arising from the adoption of digital channels, but can also continue supporting traditional communication channels, which will remain important for some years to come.

Download the Whitepaper here

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We bring you a series of blog posts and case studies by our team:

Graham Duncan, CEO and Founder of Integrated Publishing Solutions, has significant practical experience in providing successful integrated digital solutions to the Asset Management industry, from the world's first online portfolio valuation portal for Killik & Co, in the 1990's, through to the current global deployments of iPlus 3.

Dr Peter Ellis brings a deep understanding of the Asset Management industry. Managing Director at Deutsche Asset Management and, subsequently, Investit. Chief Operating Officer and Strategic Advisor to BISAM. Peter brings a remarkable depth of knowledge to the Integrated Publishing Solutions team.

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