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Here at integrate we remain firmly rooted in our consultancy past. It is our strongly held belief that the virtuous feedback loop of understanding real and emerging client requirements, and feeding that into product development, is, quite simply, the only sensible way to manufacture useful products.

An example of this is in the range of new features and enhancements we are bringing to Forte, our web-based interactive information sharing portal.

One of the key lessons absorbed from client discussions has been on the importance, and increasing prevalence, of video to communicate fund performance.

The problem, though, is that video is comparatively expensive to produce and is a locked file format. In a digital world, this is an issue. Every interaction needs to be personalised and specific. So how best to incorporate video in a tailored and personalised way?

Our solution is not ground breaking technology, rather it is just the essence of design - a practical solution to serve a need.

Core to the design of our platform is the separation of data and context. We describe this, in detail, in the whitepaper The Digital Transformation of Asset Management: Challenges and Solutions.

In summary, data is inviolate and becomes content through the separate application of specific contexts.

We have extended this logic to enable a video timeline feature. The video, itself, is inviolate, but is associated with a timeline of context specific content. Each time each viewer looks at the video, this associated content can be made specific to the context of the particular viewing.

As the video discusses current market conditions, up to date charts are displayed to further illustrate the points being made. These charts are overlaid with information selected to be relevant to the particular client, creating a rich, interactive, tailored experience while the pre-recorded (and labour-intensive) video content is able to remain more generic.

This, of course, is only the surface of the story. For any such feature to be useful it needs to be sustainable. It cannot just work once, it needs to work again, and again, for as long as required. Which is why it needs the underlying platform to maintain a clear separation of data and context: the only way to truly enable the deep personalisation which an effective digital strategy requires.

Integrated Publishing Solution's iPlus solution is the cornerstone for organisations serious about building a digital strategy that will work today, tomorrow and long into the future. Read this success story to learn how a global asset manager enhanced sales productivity, transitioned distribution to digital channels and reduced operating costs.

We bring you a series of blog posts and case studies by our team:

Graham Duncan, CEO and Founder of Integrated Publishing Solutions, has significant practical experience in providing successful integrated digital solutions to the Asset Management industry, from the world's first online portfolio valuation portal for Killik & Co, in the 1990's, through to the current global deployments of iPlus 3.

Dr Peter Ellis brings a deep understanding of the Asset Management industry. Managing Director at Deutsche Asset Management and, subsequently, Investit. Chief Operating Officer and Strategic Advisor to BISAM. Peter brings a remarkable depth of knowledge to the Integrated Publishing Solutions team.

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