Let us take care of your KIID, factsheet and digital content production and distribution

Used and trusted by our clients, including Top Ten Global Investment Managers

Proven solutions for:

Factsheet automation and distribution

Automated production of your marketing documents - fund factsheet, fund prospectuses, fund summaries, quarterly investment reports or any structured documents.

KIID automation and distribution

Regulatory document automation made easy - KIID and PRIIPs ready - with optional distribution directly to fundsinfo.com.

Library : document portal

Library makes it easy to find the documents you need for the products you sell, and provides a platform for automated onward distribution, with rich tagging based on product and audience. More Information.

Synchronised digital factsheets and fund centre

Synchronise and unify your digital output - we can send the same approved content powering your fund factsheets to your interactive investor portal, or distribute to 3rd-party fund portals.

10,000 Documents produced monthly in 13 languages and 15 jurisdictions


We can automate your factsheets, KIIDs, marketing collateral production


Translation service using a market leading provider


Full built-in legal and compliance awareness controls

Cloud Secure

UK based ISO 27001 managed cloud provider

The bonus is that in addition to extending our service to our sales team, fund managers, consultants and customers, we have also saved ourselves a great deal of money.

Mark Smith, Managing Director - Investment Information Service, BNY Mellon Investment Management EMEA

We can take care of the production and distribution of your factsheets, KIIDs, quarterly investment reports and all other types of structured documents... and power your website and digital factsheet fund centre with content from the same source.

KIIDs & factsheets

Just send us your data and we will generate your key investor information documents to the statutory deadlines, or produce your factsheets within 1-2 working days (BAU).

High Quality Output
Fast publishing times
Multi-jurisdiction and translation support
Enforces compliance rules in production
Fast to on-board (2 weeks for KIIDs; 4-6 weeks for factsheets)


Optionally, we will distribute your documents directly to fundinfo.com, Morningstar, your own fund centre website, third party apps (e.g. salesforce, marketo via our API) or iPlus Library.

Consistency across destinations and channels
Use consistent product metadata
API integration


We can supply you with your own fully-searchable document Library - A cloud-based solution, designed to automatically enforce a structured, organised and consistent product model.

Intelligent tagging based on product knowledge
Relevant and compliant searches: jurisdictions; user profiles; filters
Distribute your documents wherever they are needed
Product updates are reflected automatically in document tagging

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When we met them they came across as very convincing that they could do the job. I looked them in the eye and I trusted them to deliver - which they did. They are very professional and I can't recommend them highly enough.

Mark Smith, Managing Director - Investment Information Service, BNY Mellon Investment Management EMEA