iPlus 3 Common data source ensures brand and data consistency Audit trail maintained for each and every individual item Maximise the value of market ready information Friendly and clear web-based interface


iPlus is the cornerstone for companies serious about building a digital strategy which will work today, tomorrow and long into the future.   First developed by integrate in 2004, iPlus is currently used by some of the largest global banks and investment management companies.

iPlus puts the user firmly in control of their product information and performance data - enabling it to be broadcast efficiently through current and future channels and to support current and future sales enablements. Your product information comes alive as it is refreshed with the latest approved, jurisdiction compliant and context aware, message.

  • The bonus is that in addition to extending our service to our sales team, fund managers, consultants and customers, we have also saved ourselves a great deal of money.
    Mark Smith, Managing Director - Investment Information Service, BNY Mellon Investment Management EMEA

iPlus : Build your digital strategy

iPlus : Build your digital strategy

Maximise the value of market ready information

iPlus controls the transformation of data into information, resulting in a Golden Copy of your product information and market ready performance data. Refreshed and ready on each reporting cycle to provide a coherent, consistent and controlled source to be used and repurposed as required.

Lower your operating costs

Improve control over your publishing and data processes and gain greater functionality from your data, lower operating costs, increase levels of transparency and compliance and deliver fast and reliable information to your customers.

Produce high quality output

iPlus output is accurate and reliable, aware of jurisdiction and audience no matter how or where the information is used. And it is all beautifully rendered in design studio quality according to your brand style guidelines.

Tried, Trusted, Future-Proof

Integrated Publishing Solutions (integrate) is a pioneer in the world of database multimedia publishing. Our aim is simple; to help clients transform their data into informative and engaging communications in the most efficient way possible. Since our inception in 1996, integrate has provided innovative solutions to a wide range of market leading companies throughout Europe and America.


Forte from integrate is a web-based interactive information sharing portal that gives iPlus users greater visibility of their data.   Set up as either an external or an internal site it allows users to find, view, collate and share information. This information is fed to Forte from the core iPlus system, and so contains all the marketing and financial data items available at a given time - up to date, approved and market-ready.

Forte : Stay one step ahead

Forte : Stay one step ahead


Designed for desktop and mobile devices, Library puts the very best knowledge at your fingertips...   with smart searching, personal, pre-defined or shared folders and promoted content. Promote documents to your user, and have them only see the most recent, up to date, quality controlled material, tailored to their user role and channel.

Library : Knowledge at your fingertips

Library : The very best knowledge at your fingertips


Readi has been delivered by integrate to make the iPlus content repository, the Golden Copy of product information, more readily accessible by third party solution providers. This is to facilitate the population of wireframe websites, CRM applications, mobile app or sales enablement tools with iPlus's constantly refreshed, jurisdiction and context compliant information.

Readi : Make content work harder

Readi : Make content work harder



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Synchronised Media

Here at integrate we remain firmly rooted in our consultancy past. It is our strongly held belief that the virtuous feedback loop of understanding real and emerging client requirements, and feeding that into product development, is, quite simply, the only sensible way to manufacture useful products.

An example of this is in the range of new features and enhancements we are bringing to Forte, our web-based interactive information sharing portal.

One of the key lessons absorbed from client discussions has been on the importance, and increasing prevalence, of video to communicate fund performance.

The problem, though, is that video is comparatively expensive to produce and is a locked file format. In a digital world, this is an issue. Every interaction needs to be personalised and specific. So how best to incorporate video in a tailored and personalised way?

Our solution is not ground breaking technology, rather it is just the essence of design - a practical solution to serve a need.

Core to the design of our platform is the separation of data and context. We describe this, in detail, in the whitepaper The Digital Transformation of Asset Management: Challenges and Solutions.

In summary, data is inviolate and becomes content through the separate application of specific contexts.

We have extended this logic to enable a video timeline feature. The video, itself, is inviolate, but is associated with a timeline of context specific content. Each time each viewer looks at the video, this associated content can be made specific to the context of the particular viewing.

As the video discusses current market conditions, up to date charts are displayed to further illustrate the points being made. These charts are overlaid with information selected to be relevant to the particular client, creating a rich, interactive, tailored experience while the pre-recorded (and labour-intensive) video content is able to remain more generic.

This, of course, is only the surface of the story. For any such feature to be useful it needs to be sustainable. It cannot just work once, it needs to work again, and again, for as long as required. Which is why it needs the underlying platform to maintain a clear separation of data and context: the only way to truly enable the deep personalisation which an effective digital strategy requires.

Integrate's iPlus solution is the cornerstone for organisations serious about building a digital strategy that will work today, tomorrow and long into the future. Read this success story to learn how a global asset manager enhanced sales productivity, transitioned distribution to digital channels and reduced operating costs.


Integrate (Integrated Publishing Solutions Ltd.) was established in 1996, from roots in providing multi-channel publishing: allowing companies to produce interactive CD-ROMs, websites and print-ready output from the same database, The Golden Copy.

We can reasonably claim to be pioneers in database multimedia publishing and Java application development, with such milestones as the world's first multimedia encyclopedia, The Hutchinson Multimedia Encyclopaedia and our development of the UK's first large scale Java application, a product called Datascape, for Dow Jones Telerate. This was a trading platform which provided a Java implementation of TradeStation.

In the late 1990's we created and launched the Interactive Communication Engine (ICE), a platform to enable rich interaction between Java enabled devices. A series of applications were developed from this core platform, including an innovative interactive CRM application, called HyPhone, which was initially launched by Telenor, a leading Scandinavian Telco.

We have been fortunate to have been chosen to provide solutions to a wide range of corporate clients, across the Financial Services, Manufacturing, Legal and Pharmaceutical sectors in both Europe and the United States of America. Our fundamental focus has been to provide solutions to enable effective multi channel customer communications whilst maintaining coherence and consistency of both information and brand projection across these multiple channels.

Integrate's integrated publishing solutions have invariably brought our customers the ability to create highly finished publications and reports, which appear to have been designed manually, automatically. This has streamlined the production of any customer communications which are based on information stored electronically and which must be attractive and well presented. This information can then be distributed in traditional print, PDF or to a website.

iPlus is the direct result of several years of focused application development by a highly skilled team of computer scientists. It is also the indirect result of our longstanding experience in database publishing.

Integrated Publishing Solutions Ltd. is a privately owned company with all equity held by those who work for the company.

  • When we met them they came across as very convincing that they could do the job. I looked them in the eye and I trusted them to deliver - which they did. They are very professional and I can't recommend them highly enough.
    Mark Smith, Managing Director - Investment Information Service, BNY Mellon Investment Management EMEA

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